Diet Breakdowns: What to Do?

Continuation of the sensational article by Maria Gore on how to get back in shape after childbirth.

… When I wrote the first article about nutrition, I received a lot of questions from friends and acquaintances. And the most frequent of them was related to how to keep yourself from the temptations to eat some “fu-fu-kaku” and protect yourself from a breakdown. And then I realized that I needed to sit down to write again, because in two words on the fingers of all the subtleties cannot be explained. Of course, I felt this terrible feeling on myself, when a mad desire to devour a bun, or even better a cake, and even better both, and it is possible without bread, begins to wake up inside? The hardest part is learning how to deal with this feeling in the first month of a new diet. taste habits have a place to live in our heads and it takes at least 30 days to get rid of them and start changing our taste preferences. After 30 days, your preferences will gradually begin to change and the body itself will begin to abandon fatty, overcooked, sugary-sweet and very salty. It seems unattainable to you now – it seemed to me too. But, voila: “Anything is possible!” – science tells us.

So, I will not talk about the rules # пп, because I have already written a lot of letters about this, and therefore I will go directly to the essence of the title. How to avoid disruptions? For myself, I have identified several cherished rules, following which, you very quickly get involved in a new diet and gradually forget about the old one. Then I met confirmation of personal experience in the books and articles of various bloggers, so my rules turned out to be not only mine.

We cannot starve, therefore, there should always be food in the refrigerator. The food is correct and tasty, for this you have to postpone your laziness or agree with her for a while (then she will retreat herself), but this must be done. You will have to cook a lot, often and varied. Because in moments of terrible hunger, we cease to control ourselves – we want to shove at least something into ourselves as soon as possible. And then a chocolate bar bought by my husband, or pork and potatoes baked by my mother, catches my eye, and our inner hunger-villain pushes us to commit a crime against our body. As a result – again a clogged stomach and intestines, extra calories, which will prevent us from losing weight and playing sports efficiently, but we do not need it. Therefore, we open any site with recipes for the right food and start cooking. We stop whining and complaining that we do not have time, but we take and spend this time preparing delicious and healthy food. Fortunately, information is now everywhere in the car, and the best part is that most pp-dishes are prepared very easily and quickly. You just need to start!

For simplicity and convenience in my own life, I started a notebook with a list of all the correct, quick and tasty dishes for me, divided them into categories (soups / hot meals / snacks / breakfasts). And so as not to puzzle over what to buy in the store and what to cook tomorrow, I just open my list, look for a dish that will catch my eye, and only then think about what to buy in the store to prepare it. Time is saved, food does not deteriorate, the list expands and replenishes over time, the method is very convenient!

I also have a list of products that should ALWAYS be in my house, i.e. as soon as something is over, I try to buy it on the same day or the next. So, my list, comrades:

  • buckwheat – for a side dish for dinner and porridge for breakfast;
  • oatmeal – for cereals in the morning, plus, when milled, it quickly turns into healthy oatmeal for baking;
  • whole grain flour – for baking and breading meat;
  • dried fruits (dates, raisins, prunes, dried apricots) – in case you really want something sweet, plus a good ingredient for any baking;
  • bitter 70% or more chocolate – in case of an urgent need to “take a dose of chocolate”;
  • kefir 1% – for snacks and in case you urgently need to eat something, but there is nothing to eat; plus you can always take on the road;
  • loaves – no sugar and no yeast – correct loaves in general;
  • low-fat cheese slices (cheese, bread and kefir make a wonderful hearty snack);
  • fresh fruits (apples, pears, berries – a great snack and addition to cereals, bread);
  • curd cheese (more often ricotta – ideally complements bread with fruit);
  • low-fat yogurt;
  • whole muesli (not baked without sugar) – for breakfast;
  • slightly salted red fish (a good combination with ricotta and bread for breakfast or snack);
  • fresh vegetables and herbs – for salads and additions to main courses.

Of course, my list is not a panacea and over time you will have your “favorite” set, perhaps even more extensive and correct. The main thing is, if you put all this obligatory list of products for permanent residence in your refrigerator, then instead of falling for a sandwich with salami, you will get bread, pour a glass of kefir and add two dates – and your body will be full and happy, plus there will be time to prepare a separate one. meals in the form of breakfast, lunch or dinner. I do not specifically write about other products (meat, cereals, eggs, etc.), since this is already everyone’s choice, depending on what will be prepared for a full meal. And in order to “nibble” correctly, you need the right set of simple ingredients.

Water. When I am hungry, I drink a glass of water and run to cook. Water dilutes the stomach acid that has accumulated in the stomach, and also briefly suppresses the reflex to stuff something in your mouth, which gives you 15-20 minutes to prepare a good healthy meal.

Another important rule: do not want to eat harmful products – do not buy them. We ourselves are the owners of our refrigerators, and what will settle there and what will subsequently be eaten is also our own choice. To make the choice most adequate when going to the store, firstly, we take with us the list of products from point 3, and secondly, before going to the store, we eat well, since we will definitely hook a couple of harmful chocolates on an empty stomach , soda, chips and dumplings – because we want to eat ALREADY and subconsciously we are looking for a quick source of calories.

The last rule will come to you after you are drawn into a new diet. You need to start studying the composition of the productwhich you buy, or even better, gradually study the nomenclature of the market: which manufacturers are conscientious, and which continue to indicate the incorrect composition in their product or openly stuff the product with semi-prohibited components. This takes time and a kind of habit, but it usually comes naturally when you start thinking about what you eat!

Well, just in case: let me remind you that proper nutrition is, first of all, a balanced set of products, which contains the maximum amount of nutrients and trace elements. There is no need to throw yourself into it, like into a whirlpool with your head, mindlessly boiling chicken breasts day after day. I have already written about this in detail, you can read it here.

Thanks for your attention and I hope this article will be helpful. Eat tasty, satisfying and healthy food.


Your Masha Gore.

Author: Maria Goryacheva

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