The Most Unhealthy Breakfast Foods Have Been Named

The day should start with a proper breakfast. However, many of the traditional morning dishes are not as healthy as many people think they are.

Waffles, pancakes and French toast

These classic morning desserts are extremely unhealthy, experts say. For one thing, they are high in simple carbohydrates – which will not make you feel full. On the other hand, they have no nutrients at all, says EatThisNotThat!

Flavoured yogurt

Yoghurt can be a good choice, but only if we are not talking about artificially flavoured types of this product. Such yogurt is full of a lot of sugar, unnecessary calories and even harmful ingredients.
Store-bought smoothies and shakes

These ‘on the run’ breakfast foods are one big disadvantage compared to smoothies that can be made at home. Most store-bought products are high in calories, sugar and lack many healthy macronutrients (like protein or healthy fats).

Instant oatmeal

Like yoghurt, oatmeal can be a great breakfast option. But what one really needs to be careful with is instant oatmeal packets. According to experts, such oatmeal has less fibre and more sugar.

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