How to lose weight without counting calories

Often the hated pounds come back after successful weight loss. To avoid this, it is important to understand the principles of proper nutrition while dieting.

You no longer have to constantly count calories and shake the composition of each dish.

Eat evenly throughout the day

Three meals with an afternoon snack. The scheme is simple and can be used by anyone. Divide 350-400ml servings in the morning, afternoon and evening and eat at the same time each day. Thus, the body will remember and understand that it will be fed, and will not try to store calories in reserve, while calling with a feeling of hunger.

Remember to drink water regularly. Tea and soup do not count. You should consume at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

Counting calories should only be done at the beginning of the diet.

Calorie deficit is an indispensable rule for losing weight. Therefore, at the beginning you need to calculate the calorie content of the foods consumed, and also divide them into nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, fats. You need to figure out how many calories you are taking in per day and from what foods. And then calculate the size of the required portions and divide the nutrients between them.

For women the norm is about 1800 kcal and for men 2500 kcal. If the counting shows you are normal but gaining weight, don’t rush to cut calories. Try to cut back on carbohydrates and fats by getting the right calories from foods high in protein. And if this approach does not work, it is better to add physical activity, because exceeding the norm can negatively affect your health.

Leave “good” fats in the diet

Low-fat foods are heavily processed and lose their beneficial properties. And replacing fats to extend shelf life and give the desired consistency, preservatives and food additives are added. As a result, foods become less useful and less digestible.

Fats are also packed with beneficial minerals and vitamins that are essential for a healthy metabolism. They are actively involved in the digestion process, provide fat-soluble vitamins and slow down the absorption of nutrients, prolong the satiety time with food and postpone the feeling of hunger for a longer period of time.

That is why it is important not to exclude fat, even with a diet. Indeed, instead of the expected weight loss, the outcome may be the opposite. Add healthy fats from dairy, eggs, fish and nuts to your diet.

Breakfast is mandatory

Many people associate breakfast with drinking tea. Fundamentally wrong approach. After all, morning is the start of the day and it is important to stock up on energy for the day. And if this does not happen, the body will make up for the deficiency at lunch or dinner. This will increase both the portions and their composition. And in this case, you can forget about losing weight.

Breakfast therefore consists of proteins (cottage cheese, eggs, milk, lean meat), slow carbohydrates (grains) and fats (nuts). It is not so difficult to compose a morning breakfast taking into account nutrients, because these products contain several useful components at once. For example, porridge will contain carbohydrates as well as proteins, and dairy products will also contain fats.

Stop jung food

If you counted the calories correctly and divided the food into nutrients, you may have come across “junk” foods. This is a type of food that does not provide any benefit, but still has a calorie content. More often, such food consists of sugars and fats. For example, mayonnaise, sweet and alcoholic drinks, chips and crackers. As well as fried, flour and instant food.

It is better to replace this food with useful counterparts. For example, instead of fast carbohydrates, add slow ones – from whole wheat flour or grains. And eat only healthy fats – from fresh products. Eat cooked fish instead of fried or smoked fish.

Learn to cook

The key point. After all, the ability to cook deliciously makes losing weight not only useful, but also enjoyable. You no longer have to stock up on fast food and you can get a serving of delicious carbohydrates by baking or grilling food in the oven. You can also stew and cook with it. But try to avoid frying in oil. And constantly change the menu, making it varied.