Nutritional advice

Arina Nikiforova is an expert in healthy weight loss, a nutritionist, a specialist who debunks long-standing myths. Arina gives 10 important tips that will certainly help you achieve your goal.

You can lose weight without exercising

Losing weight without exercise is possible, you just need to understand what weight loss sets for itself: just lose pounds and reach a certain number on the scale or get a fit and lean body, which is achievable only with physical exertion. When losing weight without exercise, the skin may sag and stretch marks may appear, so the nutritionist advises to choose loads for yourself that correspond to your abilities, while it is absolutely not necessary to “plow” in the gym, for example, dancing, swimming, aerobics, etc. are perfect.

After 18:00 you can eat

If a person does not wake up early in the morning, but goes to bed, for example, around noon and after midnight, he should definitely eat after 6 pm. If he neglects this, the time interval between meals will be too long, which will allow the body to perceive this “silence” as a threat of starvation, which after 3-6 days will force a person to eat much more than usual.

The last time in the evening is recommended to eat no more than 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Low-fat foods are not healthy

Low-fat foods lack a large amount of vitamins that the body needs. Cottage cheese with a minimal fat percentage therefore contains practically no fat-soluble vitamin D. In addition, manufacturers often add starch, fructose, sugar, etc. to the composition of products to improve the taste and texture. Due to this, the body does not get the necessary amount of fat, but at the same time has an excess of sugar, which will cause hunger earlier than when using a similar product, but with a high percentage of fat . Remember that low-fat foods only contain oxidized cholesterol, while regular foods have the good cholesterol we need.

Nocturnal diets are always the result of an unbalanced diet.

Arina Nikiforova notes that in the evening there is an increased appetite if a person does not eat their calorie intake during the day, especially complex carbohydrates. In the presence of a constant balanced diet, even in the process of active weight loss, a strong feeling of hunger should not arise.

Not all dairy products are healthy.

Much research has been done on the health benefits of dairy products. Nutritionists have come to the conclusion that dairy products and whole milk are still harmful. There is no unequivocal answer – is it possible to consume dairy products or not, therefore it is necessary to decide whether the use of milk will bring more harm or benefit to each individual case.

Nutritionist Arina Nikiforova believes that fermented milk products cannot be completely excluded from the diet, but it is better to reduce milk consumption and use it only with coffee and when preparing cereals.

Sweet cravings always hide the problem.

It is not necessary to give up candy completely to lose weight, it is only important to be able to reduce its use. If you have a strong appetite for sweets, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • whether enough complex carbohydrates are consumed during the day, since the body needs extra “fast” fuel precisely because of the lack of “correct” carbohydrates;
  • whether the body is getting its daily water intake;
  • Does the body have time to recover at night or does it not sleep.

Solve these questions and you will notice how the need for sweets will decrease significantly on its own.

Weight always fluctuates

While losing weight, it is not necessary at all to be guided by which number the scale shows. Normally, a person’s weight can fluctuate within 2 kg per day. In addition, in women it will always increase in the second phase of the cycle, after severe stress, lack of sleep, etc., therefore the numbers will never be considered an objective indicator. It is worth focusing only on changes in the volume of the waist, hips, and you need to take their measurements on an empty stomach.

You can’t eat anything before 12 noon

Even letting yourself eat something before noon, even waking up early, will necessarily lead to overeating and negatively affect your figure. Correct and rational nutrition should not only be balanced, but also measured, in accordance with the rhythm of life.

Not everyone needs to drink 2 liters of water a day.

Drinking 2 liters of water a day is a very average rate, but it varies from person to person and should be calculated strictly by weight. For every kg of body weight per day you should drink 30 ml of water. In addition, it is worth also considering the peculiarities of health, climate and the nature of the diet.

If you eat everything and don’t gain weight, you don’t eat 24 hours a day.

People who allow themselves to eat what they want usually don’t do it every hour. Even if they eat like this every day, they still have a relatively small amount, for example, one day they can afford a pizza or a burger with Coke, and the other day – a whole chocolate bar, but at the same time their body does not get the ” correct” carbohydrates, so that the daily calorie content will not exceed the norm.

Also do not forget about those who naturally have a good metabolism or some diseases that speed it up.

You should not blindly believe everything that is said about weight loss, many myths have been formed over the years and they probably seem very credible to someone, but nutritionists can easily debunk them and give really useful advice.