The mistakes of those who want to lose weight

In the modern world, losing weight is the number one priority for many. You can go in for sports, stick to a strict diet, but there is no result. Or the weight and volume will only increase. Perhaps the reason for all the following weight loss mistakes.

Let yourself be carried away by PP containers

Such baked goods have the right to be present in the diet. It is prepared without sugar, chicken eggs and yeast, white flour is replaced with whole wheat, heavy cream – low-fat yogurt or low-calorie cottage cheese. The usual desserts do not change the taste, but they become healthier.

Still, don’t get carried away with such baked goods, especially those that lose weight. The calorie content of PP desserts remains quite high. For example, in terms of calorie content, whole wheat flour is not inferior to white flour. Replacing butter with vegetable oil won’t cut your calories.

Limit your consumption of PP baking products, choose fruit, a handful of berries or dried fruit instead. Start desserts after the main meal, then the satiety will come earlier.

Preparing complex dishes

The internet is full of recipes for diet dishes. Beginners choose complex recipes for cooking, foods that they have not even tried before. By expending energy on this, they easily die and give up everything.

Prepare your usual meals, but replace some foods with lower-calorie foods. Stop frying and steam or oven. Make weekly preparations of simple recipes and familiar products.

Don’t count calories

The basic rule of all diets is to expend more calories than you take in. If you forget this rule and do not count calories, you can significantly slow down the process of losing weight. You should not try to determine the calorie content of a dish by eye, you can easily underestimate it.

To make life easier, dozens of calorie counting apps have been invented. They can determine the daily calorie requirement of the body based on age, weight, height, exercise and desired weight.

Use a kitchen scale to weigh all the food you eat raw. Write down the calories in a notebook or app.

Do not have breakfast

Many people think that skipping a meal is the best way to lose weight. This is a big misconception.

Breakfast is most often skipped and eating in the morning is a very important part of losing weight. Breakfast is very healthy because:

  • metabolism accelerates, metabolism improves;
  • the feeling of hunger during the day is kept under control;
  • mood rises, stress level decreases;
  • breakfast calories are supposed to be burned rather than stored in fat.

Make sure you have breakfast, make it your rule.

Quick for your visit

It is a mistake to think that fasting before your visit will save you from consuming extra calories. In reality, when you’re hungry, the body will randomly jump on junk food, contributing to overeating.

Before the festive feast you should not starve, you should have a rich breakfast and lunch. And in 20-30 minutes it is better to drink a glass of water and eat a couple of tablespoons of bran. Then the chance of undesired consequences is minimized.

Try to lose weight locally

Losing weight locally is not possible. There is an opinion that by doing constant abdominal exercises, you can reduce the waist. In reality, the waist can even increase due to the growth of muscle mass.

Fat is deposited unevenly in the body and is not broken down in one specific place. If the process of losing weight is started, the whole body will lose weight.

There is no need to lose weight in one place. To accelerate the loss of excess fat, it is worth acting on the whole body. Do exercises for all muscle groups, add cardio loads.

Lose weight based on all or nothing

Some people follow strict diets, exercise until they are exhausted, and limit themselves in everything. The result is a malfunction. The body cannot resist the new way of life. A person begins to eat junk food in large quantities and there is not enough strength and desire for training.

There is also a second option. When a person has reached his goal and lost weight, he stops exercising and adheres to proper nutrition. Kilograms come in quickly, often and in large quantities. Losing weight is easier than maintaining weight.

For a good figure, a balance between diet and exercise is important, which must be maintained throughout life. You can’t go to extremes.

Don’t take real circumstances into account

The body cannot be deceived. You don’t have to eat breakfast, don’t take lunch to work and think it will speed up your weight loss. But in reality, a person may break free and eat junk food during the day or overeat at dinner. Or it won’t work well, just think about food. Hunger is a powerful feeling that cannot be easily suppressed.

Find excuses for yourself

The brain is set up in such a way that it will find justification for all our actions. We missed a workout – there was just no time, fatigue piled up, no strength. We ate a pie – once you can afford it, nothing comes of it, you had to cheer yourself up.

You can find hundreds of excuses why you don’t need to lose weight or exercise. But these are just games of our mind. Let an active lifestyle and good nutrition become a habit. Then you don’t have to look for excuses.

The issue of losing weight should be approached wisely. The smallest mistake can delay results or destroy effort.