Ways to satisfy the appetite of Julia Mayevskaya

The signal that a person needs food reaches the brain through nerve fibers from the stomach and intestines. When these organs are empty, the body gives a subtle hint to nourish it. The well-known personal trainer Yulia Mayevskaya shares the secrets of how to satisfy the appetite.

Drink a glass of water

Often it seems that we are tormented by hunger, we go to the fridge to have a bite to eat, but in fact you can limit yourself to drinking. Thirst and hunger signals the brain in the same way, and this is the confusion of concepts and desires. So don’t go to the fridge, but to the cooler for a glass of water, when it seems you want to eat again. If after 20 minutes the hunger is still not satisfied, you can eat without forgetting to count the calories.


Low-intensity exercise has been shown to induce hunger, while strength training reduces the desire to eat. This is explained by the fact that the body perceives the force load as a kind of danger and for a while “forgets” about hunger, focusing on assessing the situation. So this is a good solution to satisfy your appetite: if you want to eat, but you want to lose a few pounds, run to the gym.

Check gut microflora

When you are constantly hungry and eat enough, you are dealing with the intestinal microflora. Favorable bacteria release proteins that hormones need to adequately assess satiety. If the microflora is disturbed, then hunger will be your constant companion. Only the normalization of processes in the intestine will pacify him.

do something fun

Food gives people pleasure. This explains the frequent raids on the refrigerator: we run there for the hormones of joy. This usually happens when there is nothing to do or when we are in a stressful situation. Change your approach to getting serotonin: Do something fun, something that gives you as much pleasure as eating a buttered sandwich or a caviar sandwich.

Give up “appetite stimulants”

To eat less, you need to give up salt, sodium glutonate, mustard, pepper, horseradish and other similar spices and appetizing ingredients. It is no coincidence that many nutritionists recommend minimizing such a composition in use. Foods that are salty or peppery will trigger the stomach acid production and you will want to eat the extra serving.

These five ways from Julia Mayevskaya will help not only satisfy the appetite, but also lose some excess weight. If you reduce calories within 10-15%, you can achieve the desired result without stress to the body.