Which oil is best for frying?

On the shelves of supermarkets you will find various natural oils, for example sunflower, olive, linseed and other types. In addition, the same oil is marked as refined and unrefined, which further misleads buyers. Therefore, in today’s article we will understand the types of edible oils and which ones can be used for frying and which are not.

Sunflower unrefined

This type of product is practically not subjected to special cleaning during the preparation process. As a result, vitamins and beneficial fatty acids are retained in the oil. But during heat treatment, all useful substances are destroyed and turn into toxins and carcinogens, therefore, unrefined sunflower oil is used only for preparing cold dishes or for preparing salads. It is also worth noting that in addition to the loss of beneficial properties, heated oil affects the taste of cooked food, which is another reason to refuse this product when frying food.

Refined Sunflower

If sunflower oil is refined during the production process, a refined product is obtained. This type of oil practically does not contain useful substances that can turn into toxins and carcinogens during frying, therefore it is used for cooking hot food. In addition, the refined product has no taste and does not smoke and does not turn into foam during heat treatment. Due to these properties, this type of oil is often used for deep-fried cooking of various dishes.

Flaxseed unrefined

This product has a high biological value, as it contains a large amount of beneficial fatty acids and vitamins. But you can only use it cold and add it to salads and cereals. It’s also worth bearing in mind that unrefined linseed oil spoils quickly, so you don’t have to buy it several months in advance.

Unrefined Olive

This oil is not purified during the production process, so it retains all the beneficial fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements, as well as phytosterols – substances that lower the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. As with any unrefined oil, this product should not be used for frying. Heat treatment will make the dish harmful and the cooking process will be complicated by the fact that the oil can boil or even catch fire in the pan. Therefore, such a product is used only for dressing salads, preparing cold dishes and snacks.

Refined olive

Because this oil is refined during the production process, it loses most of the nutrients. But, unlike refined sunflower oil, olive oil still retains its flavor and aroma properties, so it can be used for cooking both cold and hot dishes.

Unrefined Walnut and Pine Nut Oil

Unrefined walnut oil is considered a nutritious and dietary product as it contains a large amount of beneficial fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances. In addition, the oil has special aromatic and taste properties, which is why it is often called a gourmet oil, but it is used only for cold dishes.

In unrefined pine nut oil, the content of healthy fatty acids and vitamin E is even much higher than in walnut oil. Thanks to this composition, the product has a general strengthening effect on the human body, and also reduces fatigue and increases the overall tone. Because of this, cedar nut oil is more often referred to as a medicine than a food product and is only consumed cold.

Pumpkin and sesame unrefined

Unrefined pumpkin seeds and sesame oil, as well as other types of unrefined oils, contain a large amount of useful fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements. For this reason, they are used not only to give dishes a special taste, but also as an additional remedy in the treatment of various ailments. The main feature of these unrefined oils is that they can still be added to hot dishes without heating.

Refined coconut

The composition of this product contains fewer nutrients, and there is practically no taste and aroma. But the main advantage of this oil is its high smoke point, which makes it ideal for frying and cooking other hot dishes. Refined coconut oil can be recognized by the Refined or RBD label.

Unrefined coconut

This product also has a high smoke point and is therefore often used for deep-frying. But it should be borne in mind that unrefined oil has a brighter aroma and taste, which will certainly be transferred to products during the cooking process.

Corn unrefined

This useful product, like other oils, has a useful composition in which polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins are present, therefore it is used not only for cooking, but also as a remedy. You can’t fry on it, but you can warm it up a bit.

Grape seed oil

No other oil compares to this in terms of vitamin E. As an example, it is worth noting that a teaspoon of grapeseed oil can provide a person’s daily requirement for this vitamin. Such a product can be used both for cooking cold food and for frying, but it should be borne in mind that with strong heat treatment, all useful substances disappear.

Now you know which oils you can use for frying and which you can only use for salads and other cold dishes. This will help you get more out of your food and make the cooking process much more comfortable.